Ladies stop letting social media design beauty

Ladies ladies ladies!! I love you!!
Too many of you have sent me messages saying how you wish you could wear lingerie but you don’t have the body for it.... WHAT BODY are you supposed to have to wear lingerie??? There are no body shape/size restrictions!!! This is exactly why I created my company! Baby girl you are PERFECT!! JUST AS YOU ARE!!
You don’t need big boobs, big butt , small waist! You don’t need the Instagram body!!!! YOU ARE NATURALLY PERFECT!!!! Don’t be scared! I don’t have that Instagram body , not even close but I LOVE ME , and I rock LINGERIE EVERY DAY!!!!LITERALLY!! Try ONE piece of my Lingerie and watch how magically you fall back in love❤️❤️ IF YOU EVER NEED SOMEONE TO HELP YOU FALL BACK IN LOVE WITH YOU, I’m ALWAYS HERE for you 💋💋💋💋


-Destiny Thomas 

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