Meet the Owner


Im Destiny the owner of Naturally seductive and your guide into the lingerie universe. Ever since I was younger I’ve always been in love lingerie . I’ve always love the feeling that it gave me . I always felt powerful , beautiful , radiant and seductive just wearing it . I felt more comfortable in lingerie than I did in clothes , but as I talked to other women I realized not all women feel this way . Yes as women we have difficulty excepting certain parts of her body that it makes us feel uncomfortable to wear lingerie . we’re so used to seeing all these other “perfect” bodies throughout social media that we forget our own natural bodiesS are already perfect! It doesn’t matter what size you are or what color are you are , your body is perfect !!! You are a woman !!! You are a strong , naturally beautiful woman !! Each of our  bodies are so unique which makes it even more beautiful !!! As the owner of naturally seductive my goal is to help you fall back in love with your body and rock lingerie like the seductress you are!!!

so if you ready to start your journey into rediscovering your inner seductress and learning to love and feel comfortable in lingerie then this store is for you. Connect with me and we will do this together.